Yadukul chandrabhal Maharaja Ganesh pal ji Dev bahadur

Yadukul chandrabhal Maharaja Ganesh pal ji Dev bahadur

H.H Maharaja Ganesh Pal ji Yadukul Chandra Bhal Deo Bahadur of Karauli

Maharaja Ganesh Pal ji (3rd Feb 1906-1985) succeeded his father Maharaja Bhom Pal ji at the very crux of modern Indian history, soon after his coronation the states were merged into Independent India on 17th March 1948.

Educated at Mayo College, Ajmer, Maharaja Ganesh Pal ji had completely dedicated his efforts to law and order and for development in the state even while he was the heir apparent.

 He eschewed the extravagant lifestyle of the Jazz Age and focused his energies on administration and development. He re-planned the town of Karauli, rapidly building roads, bridges, Ganesh Club , circles, one where the statue of BR Ambedkar is now placed, and Hanuman circle near the collectorate and public facilities.

Much of the development work in his father’s reign was done under his aegis including the foundation of the first electric power house in Karauli, the construction of the dams in the Kalisil river, a proper market and a power house in Kailadevi for lighting arrangements.

He set up the Karauli State hospital, and donated a large sum of money for the establishment of the SMS Hospital in Jaipur. He also built the Colonial-Art Deco palace Bhanwar Vilas Palace in 1938.

He personally rallied and exhorted his subjects to maintain peace at the time of the 1947 Partition of India in 1947, which resulted in Karauli being completely free of religious riots in those tumultuous times.

   :- Vivasvat Pal Karauli

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