Bahadurpur fort was the capital of the area called Karauli from year 1568 to year 1651

Bahadurpur fort was the capital of the area called Karauli from year 1568 to year 1651

Bahadurpur fort was Founded within 10 km inside the deserted environment of the forest near Sasadi village & 15 km away from Karauli district headquarters, the fort of Bahadurpur stands with its unique rajputi architecture and its unforgettable history.

It was constructed by Badharaj (Nagraj), son of Yaduvanshi king Timan pal in 1090 (Svt. 1148).

After this the expansion of this fort was done by Maharaja Gopaldas (1532-1568)

But here was the first coronation of Maharaj Dwarkika Das in 1568 (composed 1626).

This fort was the capital of the area called Karauli from 1568 to 1651.

In this fort there is a large door on the hill, on which both sides are places for security guards.

There is a 'stepwell' inside it and a 'well' was found nearby to it.

In front of it there is a large entrance gate which is a wonderful and artistic construction of the stones of Karauli region.

In front of the square there is a two-storey structure on the four pillars, which is called Nrip Gopal Bhawan, along with the Janaana residential buildings.

There were 2 temples in the fort, in which there was a temple of Gopal Ji. 'Maharaja Gopal Das' who brought his idol from Daulatabad which is now placed on the left side of Madan Mohan ji in Karauli.

Inside the fort there is a path of "Aamkhas" in  which attracts 100 rockhard stones without any lentor which is 18 feet long and thick around 1 feet, which is impossible to raise without a crane which is still shocked today.

There is a cemetery of Panchvir beside to the 'Aamkhas' which is also known as the cemetery of Magdarai ji Babosa.

Apart from this, it was known from the villagers that there was also an arms factory here, whose remnants were found by the " Karaulians Team " in the form of iron squares strewn on the ground of the fort.

Rajkumari Raskanwar of Jaipur was brought here with spousal bond by Raja Gopaldas and Jaipur Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh Ji was also staying here as a guest for three months.

Bahadurpur is also known as Gopalpur and Bakundathpur.

Today, this fort has reached in a dilapidated state before time due to government's indifference and anti-social elements.

When the "Karaulians Team " went to this fort, who saw the encroachment by the people on the 'Sun Pole' and the 'Saheli Baawdi' where they have started cultivating within the fort.

If the government officials does not pay attention to this historic building, it will also be lacklusture after some time.





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