Vijaymandrgarh Fort of Bayana

Vijaymandrgarh Fort of Bayana

Bayana is an important place in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan.

It is located 48 km from the district headquarters of Bharatpur and 70 km from Karauli district headquarters.

This city was called the city of Vanasur in ancient times.

In addition to this, its name is also known as Shreepath, Shreepur and Shonitpur.

Bayana has thousands of years of history.

The coins of gupta period have also been received from there, which prove that there was a rule of gupta emperors too.

The fortification of this fort can not be known exactly but it seems to be from the Mahabharata period.

In the Shri Bhagavad Gita, it is said that there was the rule of the monstrous wanasur at that time on Shonitpur.

In the Shri Bhagavad Gita, it is said that there was the rule of the monster wanasur at that time on Shonitpur.

And the 89th commendation of Kama's Jain store is also evident that the old name of bayana was Shonitpur and the public quote of it also affirm this, which was won by jayendra pal ji, the king of mathura and collate it in his kingdom after time lapse.

After this, his son, Vijay Pal, promoted this fort and declared his capital in 995 and started his rule from here.

Captain Paulett wrote in his Gazetteer that Maharaja Vijay Pal leaved Mathura and built a fort on Mani mountain in 995.

Maharaja Vijay Pal had achieved victory in 35 wars in his life, and once he defeated Allauddin Khilji badly who was escaped from here and also made a "bhimlath" in his memory which is also the "vijaysthambh" of Yaduvanshi Rajputs.

The first 'Johar' of Yaduvanshis in 1045, which is well known in the history as the 'war of Kanwar' , after which the fort was ruled by 'Yavans' and they had many radical changes here as example the Mosque built near Usha temple.

The craft was not given importance to the fort of Bayana but safety was of greater significance.

The wall of this fort was made so broad that two trucks could move together.

All the fortifications of the fort are made of simple but massive stones.

And the rampart was completely secured which is turning into ruins from time to time.

Even today, the historic fort of bayana is waiting for the tourists to visit because of it is fighting for its survival in the absence of government's reservation.

Bayana was also famous for its ‘Neel’  production which was sold so expensive then the Neel of rest of the country is now endangered today.

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