6 Khanzade Muslim Rajput

6 Khanzade Muslim Rajput

Today we will talk about the six Rajput chieftains who were kept untouched by history. The reason is hunting! Due to knowing that Gau was killed by deception, he also went out to bathe in the Ganges in repentance.But the repentance in the mind was so great that they were forced to renounce their own religion, Yaduvanshi Yadav Jadoun King Hanshan Khan Mewati, who was a Rajput Jadowanshi (Yadavvanshi) who accepted Islam in such a similar situation . All of them converted to Islam was the cause of adversity Even though they changed religion, but always proud and proud of his Kshatradharma! And from time to time, stay steadfast for the protection of this motherland. Khanjada generation sequence is as follows: -Kuntaldev ji - Kilhandevji__Raj Devji - Rao Bayalji (Rao Byaldev ji, Baloji) - Malaisi Dev - Pujavanadeva (Pajoon, Pajjuna) - Jandev - Hun Dev - Kankal Dev - Dulharay ji (Dholaraya) - Sodh Dev (Sora Singh) - Ishwardas (ishwar Singh ) The eldest son of Amer Maharaj Kuntaldev was Hammir Dev Ji, whose descendants Hammir Dev is called Hammirdevka Kachwaha . The cow was killed by being deceived by his younger brother and six sons of maharaja Kuntaldev ji. And in repentance, they left their kingdom , families and left Amer.And later on, six were known as Khanzade. Tihunpal Yadav, the ruler of Khanzade Bayana of Mewat, a Yaduvanshi Rajput, in a place called Idaur in Alwar district. Their Mewat Kshetra has small and large bases. This is a brave brave courageous group. At the same time, like Rajputs, attachment to the motherland is self-respecting, fearless and true to the word And they take great pride in being a Kshatriya. Even if they changed religion under adverse circumstances Islam was accepted by its cleanliness, not tied to any fear They are proud of their blood, that's why they love their motherland. Khanzado has always been proud of his royal blood . Hasan Khan Mewati, who was going to fight with Babur in the Battle of Khanwa. And six kachhawaha Khanzade Balabhadradeva, Rajodev, Gopaldev, Bhojraj, Baghoraj, and Malhan Dev, !! Who went hunting A weak cow was killed by their deception. In the fire of repentance, he was so distraught that the grain water, even abandoning his kingdom, left everything to go to the Ganges bath . On his way, he stopped him at a place called Idaur and explained that even if you come after taking bath in the Ganges, you cannot join the Rajput Group again. We are also confessing Islam under adverse circumstances.But we have not forgotten our Rajput religion, nor have our generations. We were constantly the protectors of this motherland and you will be with us. And from time to time, we will play our Kshatriya religion and will always be the protector of this motherland. Similarly, these six Kachhwaha Rajputs married the six daughters of those Yaduvanshi Khanzados who were the descendants of King Maharaja Timan Pal Ji Yadav (Jadaunvanshi) of Timangarh And had Willingly to accept Islam. Even today, this six-headed Rajput Khanzade is not in this world! Nor does Jadovanshi Hassan Khan Mewati, but even today, their history defies valor and courageous courageous work. The Rajput may have been associated with other religions under adverse circumstances, but is still keeping his motherland, Aan Baan, Shan, and self-respect alive. And like this till birth, you will remain firm on your tongue.____ Whosoever gives Juban, they play Mewati, By doing what they say, they show mewati. It has been proved, the Mewati fight on the country, on the orders of the elders, the neck cut Mewati. _____ Unfortunately, no matter how the #Rajput is in any situation, his principles do not change, and the physical geography of those who try to change must change. Yes, even though Rajputs take their own religion, Rajput never forgets his own religion. Almost all of you will know about Hassan Khan Mewati. Who along with Rana Sanga in the Battle of Khanwa, in 1528, when Babur stood on the land of India, he stood to completely destroy the Sanatan civilization. Then the Rajputs are stand against to stop him like a mountain. But not before Babur, how many heretics brought the flag of their own religion and always in the hope that they would one day wave their religion on this Rajput hilltop. But this is also the chest of Rajput, do not forget to consider it as a stone earth. What is the chest of a Rajput who will be able to wave any flag with the help of sharp weapons. If Babur were to build a Sultanate in India, he would have to defeat Rana Sanga, the ruler of Mewar, which was not only hard but it's almost impossible. Many Rajput chieftains were offering their mustache in the battlefield waiting for the enemy. Meanwhile, he gets the news that there is news about raja Hasan Khan, the ruler of Mewat. The accounts of the valor of Hasan Khan were famous in far and wide India. When this story came to know Babar, he was so happy, He felt that Hassan Khan was also a Muslim and I am too, if he came with me, then his victory was assured. In the hope that he sends a letter to Hasan Khan, in which he writes that - "Babur is also Kalma-go and Hassan Khan Mewati is also Kalma-go, Thus one Kalama-Go is the brother of the other Kalma-Go. That's why King Hassan Khan Mewati will support babar ! " In response to this letter, Hasan Khan sends a letter to Babur In which it was written - "Of course Hassan Khan Mewati is Kalma-Go and Babur is also Kalma-Go, Magar is my first country for me (India) and this is my belief, so Hassan Khan will fight against Babur with Mewati Rana Sanga!" Yes! Raja Hasan Khan Mewati, the brave ruler of Mewat, who was in the fifth generation of Maharaja Samarpal. They are descendants of Yaduvanshi Jadaun Maharaja of karauli. King Hassan Khan mewati's family had been ruling Mewat for more than 200 years. His capital was Alwar. He became the king of Mewat in 1506. Who was a Muslim Rajput and his gotra was also Jadau. He warned Babar that Rana Sanga is my brother and yet if he decides to fight, then Mewati swords are eagerly waiting for you. Writer :- Manpratap Singh Kinyanot Thikana Gadhdhawan
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