Karauli's Maharaja Shri Ganesh Pal Ji Deo Bahadur (1946-15/8/1947)

Karauli's Maharaja Shri Ganesh Pal Ji Deo Bahadur (1946-15/8/1947)

On the death of maharaj shri Bhompalji, his coronation was accomplished on Saturday Vaishakh Vadi Teras  in 1947 (samvat 2004)  with great enthusiasm in Karauli "city palace".

Due to mother's death in his childhood, his nourishment was nourished by the nurse(dhai maa).

He was educated at the Mayo College in Ajmer and had a special knowledge of technical work.

Due to this, Karauli got a dam of "panchna". In the year 1939, Maharaj Bhom Pal ji gave him all administrative rights in his region.

They had two wives :

The first was the princess of the 'oyla' state while the other one was from thikana 'Khandela' in the Shekhawati.

Two sons and their names :

Maharajkumar Brajendra Pal Ji

Maharajkumar Surendra Pal Ji

He had a daughter named Vrajraj Nandani Devi, who was married to Raja Rao Virbhadra Sinh krishna kumar sinh of Bhavnagar distt., gujarat.

It is said about maharaj shri that he used to go for the city tour in night after disguised his identity to know the complications of people.

He was the ruler of Karauli as a virtuous and efficient administrator.

He was fond of hunting lions and other wild animals.

At the time of his regime, there was a wave of freedom in the entire country, whose influence in this state was not enough to seeing at that time.

On 14th August 1947, when it was announced that the country was liberated from slavery, then they proceeded to merge their princely state in republic India, after which they never intervened in the regime.

The soldiers of his state was sent to the Indian army, in which some of them who refused to go those decided to serve in Madan Mohan ji and kailadevi trust.

Both of their sons had died in their lifetime, which was an unprecedented loss for them due to which they had received a great shock.

At last Maharaja Shri Ganesh Pal Ji was dead on February 25, 1985, due to cardiac arrest in Bhanwar Vilas palace.

The people of Karauli will always remember them as an efficient administrator and the last independent ruler of the Karauli regime.

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