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A Hero Misunderstood

Maharaja, a brave warrior and great religious protector whom the world preached very wrongly, let us know about him

470 years ago a Hero lived but thanks to the malicious intent of the biased historians who portrayed Raja Man Singh as "Traitor" but when someone look the history and try to understand the Raja Sahab you become fond of the Raja Man Singh. The heroic feats of the king went unsung, he made Akbar to follow liberatarian policies which displeased the Muslim officals and they given call for "Jehad"(war against the non Muslims in the way of Islam), Akbar trembled from this sudden mutiny. As soon this news reached Man Singh I he took matter in his hands to protect the Hindus he crushed those jehadis in Bihar, Bengal and Afghanistan. The jagganth puri temple was under the clutches of the Mleechas Man Singh I being a devotee of the Lord couldn't bear that he freed the temple from the clutches of the Tyrant Pathans and restore the glory of the temple, when Hindus were at constant threat of barbarism of Pathans Man Singh I went to Afghanistan and defeated the 5 prominent tribes of Pathans that achievement can be seen in the Jaipur flag which has 5 colors which represents the 5 tribes of Pathans, Pathans killed Brahaman courtier of Akbar's court Raja Birbal Raja Man Singh punished all Pathans for killing harmless Brahaman.

Not only being a Great General, he served as Great devotee of the God he Built magnificent Temples. When Akbar was on rampage of converting people to newly formed Deen e ilahi he resisted Akbar And Stood firm to his faith and he protected the faith of the Hindus of the land, as a governor he always protected his subjects from any harm from external threat. A very famous saying is dedicated to him "सांगानेर को साँगो बाबो, जैपर को हणमाण।
आमेर की शिल्ला देवी, लायो राजा मान॥"
Translates as
Raja Man brought the images of Sango Baba of Sanganer, Hanuman of Jaypore, and Sila Devi of Amber.

Today we remember A General A Great King A Great Devotee of God on his 470th Anniversary

A small note for those who label Man Singh as Traitor, folks you weren't born at that time you don't the circumstances you can label anyone anything on siting your couch without knowing what he had to go through, you discard achievements of this king without hesitation. And for such folks "Maharana hamare Aur Man Singh Bhi Hamarey" we don't need your precious advice

;- kunwar Aashish Pal Ruppura

(Untgiri Karauli )