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A woman and her pride

A true Feminism

We all feel that being a woman is a responsibility. A women fulfill her responsibilities by being a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter. But we have to understand that being a women is not just a responsibility but also a pride. Becoming a mother is a responsibility because you have to carry the next generation in your womb, but the pride is that you are the one who can give birth to the next generation.
Creation of this world is not possible without a woman.
The second responsibility is being a wife. because now you have to understand the new family, you have to settle in it. But being a wife is Pride because adopting from one family to another and the main ingredient of this world, household life will be run by you.
The rest of the daughter and sister are proud of the whole family. Because they fill the house with happiness and destroy the sorrow.
It understands and supports you whenever you don't even think of yourself. When you are alone Your sister is always with you. If you have a sister then you have everything. Having a sister is really a matter of luck. She is a diamond that has no measure of light. And I think this is true feminism